Contemporary Artists Books Conference (CABC) which will focus on “Artists’ Books as Expanded Literacy. Join us Artists’ books can broaden our understanding of literacy beyond traditional forms of reading and writing. They serve as vehicles for expanding literacy skills by engaging readers in new ways of interpreting and interacting with visual and textual content. Unlike traditional books, which […]

Super excited to be back at the NYABF! I will be bringing new and old artists books and editions. Find backbonebooks on the table C22.Initiated in 2006, NYABF is an important gathering for artists’ book publishers to distribute their work, connect with broad audiences, and nurture new and longstanding relationships. This year, NYABF continues to be a vital […]

My bookwork ‘Cavafy / Cortazar’ is featured in the exhibition Bibliophagia, alongside the work of Eleanor Vonne Brown, Daniel Gustav Cramer and Haris Epanimonda, Yann Serandour and John Stezaker. The exhibition was curated by Michalis Pichler, and is running from May 31st until June 28th at Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin. The works are sitting amongst the bookshop shelves, […]

Inexistent Books wants to question the invisible in times of hypervisibility, embrace the paradox and explore the utopian potentials of the anti-medium. We have asked artists for Inexistent Books – artists’ publications that did not exist before, have been idle, deal with non-existence or refuse to exist. Invited by EDCAT, backbonebooks will be presenting ‘Variations on Lessness’.


As part of their exhibition ‘Cuando escribo obras, mis manos piensan libros’, a retrospective of their 9 year long journey in publishing and experimentation, Naranja Publicaciones invited me to take part in a conversation about how we met and our perspectives on editorial production and dissemination of book works in Latin America. You can listen to the full conversation […]

The Books are Bridges exhibition is coming to the Goethe-Institut Beijing, having been presented in Berlin, Spoleto in Italy, and the abC Book fair in Shanghai! It will open on the 7th of May, and I’ll be giving an online talk starting at 4pm to launch the project in this new location. I’m really looking forward to the exhibition […]

The exhibition ‘Blank. Raw. Illegible… Artists‘ Books as Statements (1960–2022)’ is opening on May 14th at the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum in Düren, dedicated to the blank book as an artistic medium over the course of the last six decades. Point Break by Maxime Gambus, which I published in 2014, has been included in the exhibition and catalogue. Go and visit this […]

I’ll be giving a lecture as part of the Access Through Tools series at the London College of Communication on May 10th at 5:30pm. I’ve been invited by the Book Arts department, and my talk is entitled ‘Books are Bridges’, which explores the intersection of printed media, conceptual publications and installation, at which my practice is located. To […]

I’ll be hosting a workshop on performing the book, ‘Performar el Libro, acción en un minute, in Tenerife Espacio de las Artes on the 29th of April. Taking into account the elements of time, space and body, the participants will propose different instructions of use and activation: How can a book be performed, what are the ways to […]

ABC OFFICE is an anonymous work environment which opens to the public from the 27th-30th of April at Filet Gallery in London. Members of the Artists’ Books Cooperative present specially made artists works exploring office conventions, bureaucracy, co-working and print culture in what is sometimes referred to as the ‘aesthetics of administration’. My work will be featured as part […]

I am so excited that backbonebooks has been invited to take part in the 7th edition of the Offprint London book fair! From Friday 12th to Sunday 14th May 2023, the book fair will host independent experimental and socially engaged publishers in the fields of arts, architecture, design, humanities, and visual culture. Come and join us for three […]

The launch of the new Simón Ramirez publication, El libro que tiende a desaparecer [The book that tends to disappear], will take place at Printed Matter / St Marks in New York on March 4th from 4-6pm. Because of the book’s material, each time light touches the surface of the paper, the depiction of ocean waves that fill the […]

We’re thrilled to announce the window installation of Simón Ramirez’s new publication, El libro que tiende a desaparecer [The book that tends to disappear] which we published in 2023. The installation will be on view at the St Marks location of Printed Matter from February 17th to March 12th. If you’re in New York, go and witness the real-time […]

Have a look at the wonderful virtual table by Simón Ramirez for Printed Matter, inspired by El libro que tiende a desaparecer [The book that tends to disappear] which we published in 2023. There are many backbonebooks publications included, among those of other great publishers and dear friends. Check it out here!

From 21.02.23  at Printed Matter with: Simón Ramirez […]

The launch of our new book with Alexander Jackson Wyatt is taking place this Thursday at Bunnings Alexandria in aisles 50, 75, 81, or 68 from 6-8pm. Battalogize in Great Abandon! is an updated edition to a 1970’s home-deco renovation guide and takes the instructions and illustrations from the original publication, based on a style and sensibility of home-life […]

I have been invited to have a special presentation as part of the The 7th abC Art Book Fair Shanghai Edition. Both projects can be visited during the book fair opening hours at the  Ming Contemporary Art Museum.

09—12.01.2023  at abC in Shangai with: Aula Claudia de la Torre

Join us on Tuesday, January 31 on Zoom for a BookTalk by Claudia de la Torre. As part of Center for Book Arts ongoing BookTalk series—presentations related to the book arts curated and moderated by CBA Instructor Roni Gross. Claudia de la Torre (1986) is a Mexican, Berlin-based artist who creates artworks situated at the intersection of printed media, conceptual […]

backbonebooks will be taking part in this fair in Munich! In November, Haus der Kunst will host the third edition of Super BOOKS. Over two days, artists, designers, and alternative publishers will show their publications. Super BOOKS was organized for the first time in 2019 at Haus der Kunst as part of the exhibition “Archives in Residence: AAP […]

When is a book considered a book? When can we define it as an inhabited space? This work investigates the book’s performative quality. The spaces it creates, and the audience it gathers. The installation consists of seven volumes that display the inhabited space of the book. Seven volumes echo other books. As a space of sharing, Volume occupies Pages at ArtVerona […]

Tuning into aesthetic qualities of rhythm, iteration, and improvisation, Lesley Mok will perform a solo work in response to Claudia de la Torre: Palimpsest. The two 25-minute sets will utilize acoustic rhythms, processed sound, field recordings, and spoken word to create an iterative language that continuously unfolds over the course of one hour. Lesley Mok is a drummer, composer, and improviser […]

This is the second event in the series Reading Artists’ Books, a collaborative project by Regine Ehleiter and Tabea Nixdorff, initiated in memory of the Chicago-based librarian, curator, artist and author Doro Boehme (1957-2020). After an introduction by Regine Ehleiter, students and guests will read from a selection of books related to the topic of the class on Writing as […]

The Books Are Bridges Art Book Fest is organized within the scope of the Books Are Bridges Summit – a small-scale gathering for artist publishers with space for connection, exchange of ideas, and DIY workshops spread across locations in Rotterdam: from the gardens to the docks. Participants of the summit will reflect on collective practices and future models […]

The new format “Digital Ateliers” gives insights into the production sites and creative processes of current and past scholarship holders of the Baden-Württemberg Art Foundation. The approximately 5-minute films on the Art Foundation’s YouTube channel showcase a selection of artists. This time they accompanied me in my Atelier,   showing my working methods and work steps of the […]

I’m excited to be invited as a speaker in an online panel discussion at the Contemporary Art Book Symposium at Boston University. Multiple Formats: Contemporary Art Book Symposium weaves together conversations about artist books and higher education, pedagogical practices involving artist books, artist advocacy, and artist book distribution, collection, and access. Intended to be an elastic and inclusive […]

Footnotes I have never seen is an exploration of the landscape of the footnote in the broadest sense of the word. Beginning with a group exhibition curated by Robin Waart at BELETAGE that will run from 15 January to mid-March 2022, the project culminates in a publication of the body text for the footnotes that form the works […]

At first glance, the conceptual publication “Dunkle Paarung” by Wie-yi T. Lauw is deceptive. There is an absence of images. Only through an active intervention by the reader (tearing the perforated pages open), the hidden content of the book uncovers as flowers that bloom;  only to reveal their beauty.  This act indicates the violence and striving for domination of […]

A window contains. A dust cover contains. A picture book without its content. The window as display. A play on displacement displaying the work. The book as the middle point embraced by the flaps. “The brilliant, uniquely great photos”, absent. For Stroma, Claudia de la Torre reproduced 1 to 1 the picture book “Lockende Berge” published in 1971 by Linda […]

Los libros son puentes. PrintRoom es un espacio en Rotterdam dedicado a las publicaciones de artistas. En marzo de 2022, me invitaron como artista invitada a presentar mi trabajo. PrintRoom albergará una mesa con una selección de editoriales mexicanas como una forma de conectar a México con Rotterdam.  Invito a las editoriales mexicanas a seleccionar de uno a  tres libros […]

Artists’ Library: 1989–2021 is a three-dimensional bibliography, an exhibition project of the BIBLIOGRAPHIC OFFICE section, where the audience can come across and delve into the ways of thinking, writing, collecting and creating of a series of artists: Noah Barker, Éric Baudelaire, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Claudia de la Torre, Maria Eichhorn, Simone Fattal, Aaron Flint Jamison, David Horvitz, […]

SONDERLAGE 4/5 presents a selection of works by MARTA DJOURINA, CE JIAN und CLAUDIA DE LA TORRE with a special focus on the publishing project backbonebooks initiated by Claudia de la Torre in 2011. In a series of 5 exhibitions presenting each 3 artists and one independent publisher, SONDERLAGE wishes to reply to the changing conditions for art production […]

How can we still find ways to connect with each other? Can books play a role in this connection? And from where to where can they take us? For the show in A — Z presents, I’ve come up with a strategy to bring people and ideas together. A participative, open, non-ending work that could exist in the […]

2021 marks backbonebooks 10th anniversary. Today, ten years ago I started this publishing-house. Thanks to everyone that has been part of this amazing ride! It has been 10 very intense years. I’ve met great people along the way and I hope that this is just the beginning of may more books and friends to come.

backbonebooks | 10th […]

This February, Printed Matter will launch its first Virtual Art Book Fair (PMVABF), presenting more than 400 exhibitors from over 40 countries. Since 2005, Printed Matter’s Art Book Fairs have hosted international exhibitors featuring a wide variety of published works—from zines and artists’ books to rare and out of print publications, and contemporary art editions. I am really […]

A book is a book (Natalia Silberleib) has been inviting different people which are involved with books in some way to speak with her about it. This time she invited me (Claudia de la Torre)  to talk about my production as an artist and editor (backbonebooks) as well as the concept of  artist’s books, at the crossroads between […]

In a context of a global pandemic, fiebre is committed to a new platform to promote the creation, promotion and dissemination of phonebooks in inline format with free and open access from all screens from November 11 to 15. backbonebooks will take part in this event. There is a selection of wonderful photo based books by Ines Lechleitner, […]

There is a  new model for the Artists’ Books Workshop throughout November. A one-to-one workshop were we will focus two days only in your ideas and transform them into a physical dummy. Pick any tow days in a row between the 9th and the 30th of November. We will work in my studio for two days – from 10:00 am to 18:00 […]

You can now download the complete backbonebooks catalogue by clicking here ⟶ 

Artist and publisher Claudia de la Torre (backbonebooks) is guest-researcher at the Impossible Library, working with the inventory as material and tool. She applies her Color Topologies method as a site-specific mural to the Impossible Library, based on her findings. Color Topologies is an artistic method Claudia de la Torre explores in her work, color coding the corners […]

My Chilean friends of Naranja Publicaciones have invited me to be part of the first “Sesiones Naranja” in which we will talk backbonebooks  and review three works donated by Claudia de la Torre to their collection in May 2018. You can secure your place by clicking here – the session is free of charge and will be held in […]

I’m glad to share with you backbonebooks newest publication: Four Reds by Claudia de la Torre. This book takes the shape of a script. Based on Mad Men’s  chapter “The gold violin” S02E07. A fascinating fictional dialogue held in Cooper’s office. About smudgy edges and the value of art. Quoting: ” So, it’s smudgy squares huh?…” – “That’s interesting” You can get your […]

Connected to the exhibition ‘Cities in Flight, or the Satellite Variations’, Claudia de la Torre will give a talk about the book on display at She will also introduce selected editions of backbonebooks to share her knowledge and experience of art book making & publishing. SIDE A has been composed from words out of ‘Cities in Flight’ a […]

I am excited to take part in Volumes 2019 – Art Publishing Days I will be presenting “Black Snow” an installation  I made back in 2011 as well as  a selection of backbonebooks titles that relate to archival strategies. This time I am invited to be part of the Symposium ” Publishing and archival strategies in artistic practices”. I […]

The Quest is on appropriation in writing, on sources no longer, on content through form, on poetry.Concealing, unveiling: A quest suggests change, is often allegorical, a plot device to introduce momentum into a narrative. The Quest originates from the eponymous exhibition which took place at ARCHIV in 2017. The source books from Christoph Schifferli’s collection as well as a selection of books […]

You are all welcome to my solo show at ein.Buch haus in Berlin. “Claudia de la Torre’s works often start from a book. She examines the structure and relationship between the surfaces and forms – the book covers, titles, the layout of the individual pages. By means of appropriation and dé- tournement, her work often takes the form of an artist book, […]

Aeromoto is a non-for-profit library specialized in artist books, independent publishing, and contemporary culture. This upcoming Tuesday,  bakcobnebooks is invited to lead a discussion and encounter on Mexican artist’s editorial projects. Everyone is invited to discuss, reflect and share their ideas. I will be very happy to see you around. If interested write an E-mail to

Limited […]

As part of Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin 2019. Shapes and Grids is a children’s bookmaking workshop* led by artist Claudia de La Torre. Children create a playful book inspired by the grid systems of designers Jan Tschichold and Josef Müller-Brockmann. Using colour and basic shapes, children learn to make compositions and create their own unique artist […]

Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin 2019 takes place though 20–22 September 2019 at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin as Europe’s premier event for contemporary artists’ books and periodicals by artists and art publishers. On Sunday September 22 from 14:00 – 15:30 I will be giving a children’s book workshop – Shapes and Grids. See […]

Situation room, is a series of exhibitions and events that will regularly focus on local and international book publishers. The space aims to restructure ideas in an experimental spirit, showing aspects of books that can’t be seen in the publication alone. Presenting the situation of activities including concepts, processes and publications in three dimensions is to consider the […]

For the first time, backbonebooks will have a table at the A section (booth A-035) of the Tokyo Art Book Fair! – It is very exciting that after years of hard work I can finally show some books and editions. I will be launching several titles: Zitrone Wal  Seife an artist book created in close collaboration with Ines Lechleitner, […]

On Saturday 29.06 I am invited at 12:00 to speak about backbonebooks.  Practitioners, publishers, theorists, artists and enthusiasts convene to share thoughts on the artist book’s status in the digital age. Speakers will explore how to use the book as a tool for political and artistic means. Books Books (artists’) Books is a day-long symposium bringing together practitioners from the world of […]

As part of the abC art book fair 2019 Beijing, presents for the first time an offline exhibition. 200 art books and zines from Europe will be presented to the public in a curated exhibition at Times Art Museum from June 6–9. The selection presents a snapshot of contemporary independent publishing efforts and is curated by Jan […]

backbonebooks is turning 7 years old today. I’m so glad I can tell that books are a big part of who I am. And that I’ve met amazing people because of this. Thanks to everyone who has ever helped me in any way. Carrying books, collaborating with me, exchanging ideas, cheering me up and supporting my work. I […]

On Sunday June 16th, the Academy of Arts will be swarming with poetic life. In the Studio Foyer nearly 40 publishers and magazines present their products and lists, flanked by readings in the Beech Garden and a programme for children, young people and young adults in the Grass Garden. Backbonebooks is invited this year to present a selection […]

And here we go again! visit me and my books at MISS READ. Founded in 2009, MISS READ is Europe’s major Art Book Festival, dedicated to community-building and creating a public meeting place for discourse around artists’ books, conceptual publications and publishing as practice. MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Fair 2018 will take place on May 3th to […]

I am happy to invite you to my next solo show where I will be showing ALPINA. An object trouvé – 32 paint card samples mounted on monochromatic backgrounds that resembleJosef Albers and his chromatic interactions, as well as hard edge painting. This poetic card collection was found in a hardware store in Berlin 2018 and will be displayed […]

I’ve been invited by David Vallance to give a one week workshop on the potential of book making with art students of the École supérieure des beaux-arts de Nimes. In this workshop we will reflect together upon what does it mean to work towards creating a book as a conceptual vehicle. We will  develop a dummy that reflects […]

Reproducing, re-examining, redefining as well as questioning, changing, setting up and interpreting content are the strategies that the exhibition deals with. The show presents artists’ books that manipulate already published material and place it in a new context through a variety of interventions. The participating artists create works based on literature classics such as “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph […]

I’ve been invited to give a talk about my practice as publisher and artist. Rrréplica is a non-profit, fiercely independent initiative. A gathering for the discussion and dissemination of the publishing practices of those who use the electronic stencil-printing technique, known as risography. It’s about publishing, conforming public space, cultivate the right to dissent, attend the urgency and […]

Page Turners is devoted to the book as an art form. This exhibition gives a glimpse into the diverse practice using the book as medium – the book as an entire artistic creation, from cover to cover.…repetitive actions repeated. The space between.  To be repeatable. Controlled and recreated. Noisy like air. Evidence of activity. Building a set of […]

Under the motto “Reading Art” we are giving the prelude to Vienna’s first artist book fair in mumok. We bring the art form book to the museum for a day and make the mumok a meeting place for bibliophile art lovers. Selected representatives of the experimental and independent artist book scene from Austria and Germany present a cross-section […]

I am thrilled that backbonebooks is selected as the small press spotlight by Hauser & Wirth NYC bookshop. You can find the following titles in the bookshop: Arpologize me | Claudia de la Torre, Mode Interest Express | Alexander Jackson Wyatt, Unfortunately | Omri Livne, The Silver Metal Lover | Claudia de la Torre, The Fisher Variations | […]

I am thrilled to announce that some of backbonebooks titles and special editions are now part of four Special Collections:  Faber Birren Collection of Books on Color, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection – School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the New York Public Library, and the Thomas J. Watson Library, Metropolitan […]

Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin 2018 takes place though 19–21 October 2018 at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin as Europe’s premier event for contemporary artists’ books and periodicals by artists and art publishers. This time I will be presenting books that deal with language and launching the book ‘Ilja Zaharov, Katalog, 2018’ I hope to see […]

Artist books are publications that are conceived as independent artistic works. Often these are produced in larger or open editions, are generally inexpensive and democratically accessible. As part of the workshop, the field of the artist’s book will be explored over three days. How does an artist’s book differ from a catalog […]

The award is granted to four first-time NYABF exhibitors (artists, artists’ book publishers, or collectives) in the early stages of their career. The inaugural year winners are backbonebooks, Ian Giles, MonoRhetorik, and Sming Sming Books. Thanks to Printed Matter for their support. I  still remember when Shannon walked to my table and invited me to the  NYABF – it […]

Since its founding, the NYABF has grown into a leading international event for the arts publishing community, providing an important platform for artists and publishers to connect with audiences and circulate their work in a dynamic environment. Over three days, the NYABF 2018 will welcome hundreds of exhibitors from around the world, including a broad range of artists and […]

The catalogue In a constant state of Limbo  I designed for the artist Simon Pfeffel made it to the long-list in the category young book design. Selected by the Stiftung Buchkunst, it will be displayed in their booth (Halle 4.1, H 74-H 77) in the upcoming Frankfurter Buchmesse. I am honoured to share space with the most beautiful […]

I am really happy to announce that a catalogue comprising more than 48  books and editions published since 2011 by backbonebooks  is now available as print and PDF.  It includes a brief description, year, artist, material, price and notes. I am very proud about this. backbonebooks has been part of my life since 2011 – It has opened […]

I gave a one week artists’ book workshop as part of the workshop week held in the hKDM Freiburg.  Each of the students approached the book in  different  and interesting ways. It is my pleasure to share with you their work. They will have a show opening June 8th, were they will be exhibiting the results of the time we spent […]

Join us on June 9th for the  launch of How do We make a We, designed by Claudia de la Torre. The  publication  is the result of the Ratti Foundation’s XXIII CSAV Artists’ Research Laboratory “Sound and Language as Sculpture” held in Como, Italy in the summer of 2017, were I spent a few weeks  together with Karl […]

Mauricio Marcin invokes the utopian notion of printed matter’s ability to enact social change through small-scale action to generate micro-policies. Through his selection of works, curator Marcin questions how the gesture of fixing a word or image on paper has the potential to incite social change.In the last decade there has been a tremendous influx in self publishing throughout […]

On Sunday the Academy of Arts will turn into a poetic hidden object picture. In the Studio Foyer more than 30 publishers and magazines will be presenting what they have to offer, while poets read in the Beech Garden, discussions go on in the Club Room about poetry criticism and poetry, and younger visitors make cartoon films and […]

I am invited to lead a workshop reflecting on what books can be:”Unlike an art book, catalog or monograph that tend to showcase artworks created in another medium, the term ‚artists‘ books‘ refers to publications that have been conceived as artworks in their own right. The book is a medium that allows an artist‘s work to be accessible to a multitude of people […]

Founded in 2009, MISS READ is Europe’s major Art Book Festival, dedicated to community-building and creating a public meeting place for discourse around artists’ books, conceptual publications and publishing as practice. MISS READ: The Berlin Art Book Fair 2018 will take place on May 4th to 6th at Haus der Kulturen der Welt and will bring together a wide […]


MABB – Malmö Artist’s Book Biennial, will be a Swedish and International exhibi­tion and selling platform for art works that are inspired by the structural and conceptual properties of the book form. MABB, arranged for the first time 2018, will invite both national and inter­national artists, publishers, booksellers and organizations to participate in the first International fair […]

Out now is the new publication L’art del Occident. A coolaboration between backbonebooks, contemporary artist Adriana Lara and musician Dilian. TBH, a mixtape of experimental and dancy tracks made with sound design and other discarded sounds samples, demo tracks from older keyboards and samplers and radio stingers and promos. It comes with a book made based on the […]

Publishing has developed a favorite site and medium for aesthetic and artistic experimentation. It has also become an alternative space for promoting unrestricted individual or collective discourse. The multi-part exhibition project explores the potentials of publishing – in the form of books, magazines, journals, artistic interventions, websites – as a particular medium and context both to circulate information, […]

SPRINT Aims to involve in a crossing and sustainable way a selection of subjects and artists among the most interesting in the international independent publishing scene, featuring experiences or productions, dealing freely with different formats, languages, contents with a program that combines talks, workshops, exhibitions, performance. Every edition is extending collaborations, committed to foster people and paths.


Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin 2017 2017 takes place on the weekend of 22–24 September, 2017, at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin as Europe’s premier event for contemporary artists’ books and periodicals by artists and art publishers. This time I will be presenting two new publications: Heaven / Uta Pütz and Manual to […]

In June, I was invited by Anja Hebrank to  give a workshop to students of the Charlotte-Wolf College in Berlin. In eight sessions they came up with an individual idea, which took shape of a  book having repetition and difference as a starting point. At the end of the sessions,  they organized the show “Look a book” to […]

 “Call for Artists’ Books”, the Centre for Artists’ Publications invited artists from throughout the world to participate in this international exhibition. It includes artists’ books produced in the last fi ve years and aims to present an overview of the evolution and dissemination of artists’ books today and to illustrate the diversity of this genre. “The QuestionsLibrary Catalogue” […]

This time I’ll be giving the workshop to Marijke van Warmedam class. The goal of the workshop is the understanding of what an artist book can be, and the production of a dummy that will respond to the interest of each artist. What is an artist book? What is the difference between a “catalog” a “photo book” and […]

Poet Elizabeth Lebon has been invited to read from her card game TEST / ANSWERS (published under backbonebooks in 2016) at the Centre d’art Contemporain, Geneve on Friday 2nd June, alongside some other contemporary writers, as part of the reading program for the exhibition. For more information please visit the following link: From Concrete to Liquid to Spoken […]

This time I’ll be giving the workshop to Daniel Roth’s class. The goal of the workshop is the understanding of what an artist book can be, and the production of a dummy that will respond to the interest of each artist. What is an artist book? What is the difference between a “catalog” a “photo book” and an […]

In 2013 Claudia de la Torre (*1986, México) started The Questions Library as an ongoing project with the aim of gathering, classifying, and showing books whose titles are phrased as questions. For the project’s 4th edition in Zürich visitors are again invited to donate books containing questions in the title and thus enlarging the library’s stock – now about 500 […]

So backbonebooks is back on track! The first event of the year: Saturday 23.03 is time for the 2017 – Independent Publishing Fair Leipzig. Backbonebooks is invited for the first time. I will be bringing a selection of books, editions and printed matter produced over the last 6 years. I’m already looking forward to seeing you around!



Dear everyone – I will be out of the bbb headquarters until the 08.02.17. You can still make your orders and I will ship them once I am back in Berlin. Until then I wish you all happy hollidays. Enjoy the time with you family and friends, eat a lot and me or my books will see you […]

For her new work “Cities in Flight or The Satellite Variations”, produced for the exhibition at Rinomina, de la Torre takes James Blish’s science fiction novel as a starting point to examine the structure of story-telling and to build up a parallel narrative to the one evident in the story. By stressing words in the existing storyline, de […]

For the Art Book Fair Berlin 2016, backbonebooks will be presenting a selection of its publications bringing books such as Cavafy/Cortázar, a book by Claudia de la Torre. Also the box edition “Das Rhein Rauschen” by Ines Lechleitner, relating to the smell of the Rhein. With books by: Janosch Becker, Maxime Gambus, Emiliana Larraguibel, Ines Lechleitner, and Claudia […]

LAGE EGAL, an artist-run space in Berlin called for artist’s books, zines, small press, and other non-traditional publications. For the duration of the exhibition. LAGE EGAL will become a bookstore / reading library where the public will be able to look through, use, and purchase books and editions. It will be a big celebration of the object book, ideated and […]

I have been invited together with Magali Pretty to the 11th Photo Book Club meeting taking place in Paris. This time we will speak about diverse ways of approaching design in photo books. The idea of the club is that anyone can come – They don’t need any expertise what so ever. Books shall then be the starting […]

This time I am going to London! I have been invited to give a lecture about my work and backbonebooks. The Book Arts students will show their projects and we will engage in a conversation about their practice and ideas as well as mine. I’ve prepared a “book island” where diverse finished works, as well as dummies will […]

The Tokyo Art Book Fair started in 2009 as the first book fair in Japan to specialize in art publications. Participants of this annual event includes independent publishers, galleries, bookstores as well as individual artists and artist groups. The fair has seen significant growth in its scale and content over the years, and the three-day event now brings […]

Printed Matter presents the eleventh annual NY Art Book Fair, from September 16 to 18, 2016 at MoMa PS1, Long Island City, Queens. Backbonebooks has been invited by Boabooks  (Geneva) and Edition Fink (Zürich). Works by english poet Elizabeth Lebon, and german artist Janosch Becker will be availiable. It will also be the launching of Fink Twice 506 […]

Berlin Open studio is an annual contemporary art event. It provides insight in the city’s exceptional infrastructure on the level of artistic production: Sudios throughout Berlin function as participating venues, in which individual artists not only present their work, but simultaneously host that of other artists. bbb is invited by Studio Hellmich – Wüst and will be showing […]

In the latest instalment of her monthly column on artists’ books, Sarah Bodman looks at two artists whose publishing practice sees them exhibiting at major upcoming events in the USA. Backbonebooks, run by Claudia de la Torre and Boabooks, run by Izet Sheshivari. Sarah Bodman is an artist and researcher at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), […]

As part of the 3. Project Space Festival, Berlin (1.8 – 31.8) Pierre Granoux has invited backbonebooks to take part in the show “The book as an artwork as an exhibition as a book”, alongisde publications by Brite Endrejat, Claudia de la Torre, Erik Gönrich, Martin Fengel, Maxime Gambus, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Peter Freitag, and Stéphane Belzére. The […]

Claudia de la Torre has been invited by Joachim Schmidt as part of Picture Berlin (a non profit artist-initiated hybrid residency / art academy) to speak about her work as publisher and artist as part of the 2016 summer session lectures. For this occasion, Claudia prepared a lecture that will hopefully make the students aware, that art is […]

Miss Read brings together a wide selection of the most interesting artists / authors, artists periodicals and artists publishers exploring the boundaries of contemporary publishing and the possibilities of the book. Backbonebooks will bring books that have to do with language. Three new editions will be launched: Aktualisierte Ausgabe or the Fischer Variations (Claudia de la Torre), Fringilia […]

With FINK & FRIENDS edition fink curates the publishing house for contemporary art records as a space within a space within OOR a bookshelf with own publications and invites art book publishers to alternate presentations. Ana Wlach and Claudia de la Torre will speak about the process of book making. A head projector, and questions written by the […]

The goal of the workshop is the understanding of what an artist book can be, and the production of a dummy that will respond to the interest of each artist. What is an artist book? What is the difference between a “catalog” a “photo book” and an artist publication? What is independent publishing? How can form and content […]

KubaParis is an independent magazine for young art that focus on diversity, quality and eagerness to experiment within the young art and cultural scene. For the online platform, Amelie gr. Darrellmann asks Claudia de la Torre as artist and publisher some fundamental questions about the roll of the viewer, the working process with the medium book, collaboration, and […]

Claudia de la Torre is presenting an overview of her work as conceptual artist and publisher of backbonebooks in one, room specific installation. A new book, Small Comfort, will accompany the show. Relating to the exhibition as an overview of all the publications by backbonebooks, the young publishing house will present its new, growing identity within the launching […]

For the Art Book Fair Berlin 2015, backbonebooks will be presenting a selection of its publications as well as the launching of Small Comfort, a book by Claudia de la Torre. Also the limited edition As in real life, only certain creatures have skins will be shown for the first time, relating to the new identity of the […]

Emiliana will be presenting her book in Barcelona, while having a virtual conversation via Skype with Claudia de la Torre. This edition deals with the re appropriation of a spanish dictionary. By methods of selection and exclusion the original function of the book is gone, creating therefore a new narrative that invites to make new connections between images […]

This exhibition will present the collection of Michalis Pichler and Tom Sowden devoted to appropriations and / or tributes to Ed Ruscha’s books. Fed for several years, it currently has nearly 400 titles, all times and all countries combined, demonstrating more than ever, that the appropriation and paraphrasing of Ed Ruscha constitutes a genre of its own. backbonebooks […]

backbonebooks will take part of this years Arts Libris, the international fair of Contemporary Edition,  which will be held from the 20th – 24th April in  Arts Santa Mònica – Centre de la Creativitat. Claudia de la Torre will take part of the Speakers’ Corner, a dynamic and flexible space for discussion, dissemination and exchange between authors, publishers […]

The book is a collection of the artist’s photographs as compiled and edited by the trio, who first met in Berlin in the Summer of 2014. Their subjects relate to travel and its obligatory pit stops, mainly in Europe and also in Asia. The publication, which is the culmination of Jackson Wyatt’s collaboration with bachbonebooks, comprising Claudia de […]

Bruno Silva and Romane Domas run Home alonE. Located next to the Saint Pierre market at Clermont-Ferrand, they decided to open their apartment, open the door and offer their space (a lounge and, who knows, the attic) as a place for exhibitions and dialogue. I (Claudia) met them in France as I was doing a residency in Clermont. […]

In March 2015, I went to México City and visited Aeromoto – a public library in the Juarez neighborhood. I like this place! As it is not a shop, but a public library where people gather to talk, and look at books. We spoke about my projects and I gave them some of backbonebooks books for the library. […]

The recent evolution and democratisation of printing techniques has encouraged many artists to re-evaluate their position in relation to literature, to books, and to the page. Dedicated to the exploration of new practices within art book production, the 2014 exhibition will consider the page for its simultaneously poetic, structural and physical elements. The exhibition will highlight a wide […]

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Ed Ruscha’s legendary artist books together with books and works of art by more than 100 contemporary artists that respond directly and diversely to Ruscha’s original project. Organized by Bob Monk, Ed Ruscha Books & Co. has been drawn from private collections, including Ruscha’s own. Most of the books […]

This installation transforms the exhibition space into a service facility: a table, chairs, a reading lamp and the bookshelves, that are inspired by the interior of a library. The books themselves have one thing in common: A look at their spine reveals that all titles consist of questions. Claudia de la Torre is using the books as an […]

2021 marks backbonebooks 10th anniversary. Throughout the year, I will be sharing some archival material. Back in 2012 I curated my first show. “Book”. A big table, some chairs around it and books as art works. I invited people I knew from the academy and elsewhere that knew had done a book related project  and proposed them to […]