Transformation and Transmutation: A Performance by Lesley Mok

Tuning into aesthetic qualities of rhythm, iteration, and improvisation, Lesley Mok will perform a solo work in response to Claudia de la Torre: Palimpsest. The two 25-minute sets will utilize acoustic rhythms, processed sound, field recordings, and spoken word to create an iterative language that continuously unfolds over the course of one hour. Lesley Mok is a drummer, composer, and improviser based in Brooklyn, NY. Interested in how social conditions shape our beings, Lesley’s work focuses on transposing, augmenting, and overacting humanness to explore ideas about normalcy, alienness, and privilege. 

Friday, July 29, 7:30-9 pm at Miriam Gallery + Bookshop: 319 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211