The Liberated Page

The recent evolution and democratisation of printing techniques has encouraged many artists to re-evaluate their position in relation to literature, to books, and to the page. Dedicated to the exploration of new practices within art book production, the 2014 exhibition will consider the page for its simultaneously poetic, structural and physical elements. The exhibition will highlight a wide range of interventions and approaches, and will discuss in particular, how artists invent new books and why their invention opens up new possibilities for the page – as well as for communication and language.

From November 21 to December 28, 2014.
Le Commun, 28 rue des Bains, 1205 Geneva. People involved: Izet Sheshivari (curator), Manuel Burgener, Raffaella Chiara, Norbert Costin, Elizabeth Lebon, Louise Guerra, Václav Pozárek and Claudia de La Torre. Photo Credit: Lorène Ceccon.
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