Sonderlage feat. backbonebooks at Lage Egal

SONDERLAGE 4/5 presents a selection of works by MARTA DJOURINA, CE JIAN und CLAUDIA DE LA TORRE with a special focus on the publishing project backbonebooks initiated by Claudia de la Torre in 2011. In a series of 5 exhibitions presenting each 3 artists and one independent publisher, SONDERLAGE wishes to reply to the changing conditions for art production and the urgency to suggest other forms of mediation, distribution and exhibition making. You can buy a special edition of ALPINA. For more information click here.

Sonderlage 4/5 | group show: Claudia de la Torre, Marta Djourna, Ce Jian at Lage Egal  (Berlin) | Open by appointment. 14 May – 5 Jun 2021