The question library vol.I & II
Claudia de la Torre

This book / catalogue is an anthology of the books collected after the installation “The Questions Library” is shown. What all the books have in common, is that all of them have a question as a title. The books are classified according to the type of question, and not the content. Time questions, space, situation, yes / no, quantity and causality. In the course of the show the inventory is constantly expanding, as visitors have the chance to donate books to the library. This is a piece which is in process at all times. The catalogue can be read as if it was a novel, all titles are ordered in a logical way. One question questions the next. By now the library has 554 books. Until now there are two volumes.

Softcover, 104 pages, 14.8x21 cm, digital print, perfect binding, booklet to take away containing the classification, edition of 10 copies signed and numbered, 2 A.P., 1st edition: 2013, 2nd edition: 2014
First volume: sold out, second volume: 65 EUR