The Disappearance
Claudia de la Torre

The Disappearance (1951), written by Philip Gordon Wylie is about what happens when everyone suddenly finds that all members of the opposite sex are missing (all the men have to get along without women, and vice versa). The book delves into the double standards between men and women that existed prior the woman’s movement of the 1970s, exploring the nature of the relationship between men and women and the issues of women’s rights and homosexuality. Claudia de la Torre folds and paints the corners according to the colors found within the story, creating parallel abstract compositions within the written world.

Hardcover, perfect binding, blind embossing. 18,5×11,5 cm, 362 pages. Acrylic and wash paint on paper, edition of 1 signed and numbered copy. backbonebooks 2019
1200 EUR