The beau ham Raw basics_kit2017.2022
Sarah Lüdemann (Beauham)

The beau ham – raw basics_kit 2017.2022 is an index of artistic objects, materials and tools. As a (never complete) whole these “components” form an art work in itself, which can be understood as a beauhamic kit, a processual approach within the Sarah Lüdemann Beauham’s work. The publication has the form of a “card game without rules”. It contains 98 playing cards, three transparent cards and a booklet, and offers myriad possibilities with regards to forming connections, associations or relations. Content can be generated through the objects on the playing cards alone, or in conjunction with the graphic elements on the transparent cards or the text fragments within the booklet. There are no specific rules to “the game”. Rules can be generated by the viewers and changed over and over again.

Box containing: Leporello booklet (index), 3 silkscreened perplex cards + 98 full color cards, edition of 100 + 10 SP. numbered, backbonebooks 2023
35 € + shipping