El libro que tiende a desaparecer
Simón Ramirez

El libro que tiende a desaparecer by Simón Ramirez invites viewers to page through delicate thermal prints at the expense of its images disappearing with each encounter. Each time light touches the surface of the paper, the depiction of ocean waves that fill the horizontal spreads fade. The shoreline, shown as impossibly frozen in time, reminds us of the ephemeral nature of the book. When dormant, the book is preserved in a light-protective envelope, presenting viewers with the conflict of whether to experience the work completely, at the expense of its eventual disappearance, or preserve an archival form, closed. The artwork implies its own disintegration in its materiality. With the rhythm of each page turned, we are reminded of the inability to capture a wave on a shore.

Thermal printing, 46.5x7.9 cm, 24 pages, saddle stitched inside of an anti UV envelope, edition of 100. backbonebooks 2023
35 EUR