45 Last Words / Ikebana I-II Close-Up Magic I-II Weltraumfahrt I-IV Arrangiert in schönen Gefässen
Uta Pütz

The book consists of two parts: Part 1 – From a collection of 45 books with titles such as “The Last Word”, “Last Words” (or equivalent), the last word on the last page was taken out and placed on a blank double page.Then follows the bibliography of the books were the words were taken from. Part 2 – Made up of photographic works showing the last, the first pages or the backs of books. The photographic work has a different aspect ratio than the book pages of Part 1, so these pages are tailored accordingly.

18x11,5 cm, 114 pages. Perfect bound, edition of 500. Art3 Valence, 2014. Design: Lisa Pomerenke. Available thorough backbonebooks.
18 EUR