Multiple Formats | Contemporary Art Book Symposium

I’m excited to be invited as a speaker in an online panel discussion at the Contemporary Art Book Symposium at Boston University. Multiple Formats: Contemporary Art Book Symposium weaves together conversations about artist books and higher education, pedagogical practices involving artist books, artist advocacy, and artist book distribution, collection, and access. Intended to be an elastic and inclusive forum for discussions about artist book publishing, Multiple Formats pays particular attention to publishing by graphic designers, the use and creation of artist books in visual arts programs, publishing as a personal and collaborative process, and other topics of interest. You can check the program here. 

Artists, publishers & intersections | panel discussion | Saturday February 26 a7 9:00 AM East,  online. With: Claudia de la Torre, backbonebooks, Paul John, Endless Editions, Megan Irwin, Lisa Maione, Adam Lucas
Moderated by Reshma Vijayan, MFA Candidate in Graphic Design, Boston University.