L6 Garage | 90 g / m2

I gave a one week artists’ book workshop as part of the workshop week held in the hKDM Freiburg.  Each of the students approached the book in  different  and interesting ways. It is my pleasure to share with you their work. They will have a show opening June 8th, were they will be exhibiting the results of the time we spent together, I will also take part in it. The title of the show stands for the most common paper volume, which is 90 gram. You are all invited. Come along!

June 8th, 2018 | 07:00 pm | L6 Garage, Freiburg | Artists: Claudia de la Torre, Michaela Anderl, Katrin Bauer, Simon Eckert, Jasmin Kraft, Laurie Mlodzik, Vivian Schmidkunz, Christina Sperling, Ilja Zaharov | Invited by Samuel Dangel.
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