Dunkle Paarung | Book Launch

At first glance, the conceptual publication “Dunkle Paarung” by Wie-yi T. Lauw is deceptive. There is an absence of images. Only through an active intervention by the reader (tearing the perforated pages open), the hidden content of the book uncovers as flowers that bloom;  only to reveal their beauty.  This act indicates the violence and striving for domination of colonial powers, which Wie-yi T. Lauw pursues in her work. In her scanned floral compositions, she deals with the collection of exotic plants as an instrument of colonization processes, which can itself be interpreted as cultural appropriation.

Dunkle Paarung, Wie-yi T.Lauw. Book Launch | 10.09.2021. 06:00 PM – 20:00 PM, Lotus Blumen Laden: Hermanstrasse 148 Berlin