Claudia de la Torre: Cities in Flight or the Satellite Variations | solo show

You are all welcome to my solo show at ein.Buch haus in Berlin. “Claudia de la Torre’s works often start from a book. She examines the structure and relationship between the surfaces and forms – the book covers, titles, the layout of the individual pages. By means of appropriation and dé- tournement, her work often takes the form of an artist book, a library or an archive. How is our knowledge of the world organized, classified and archived? What are the underlying systems of our knowledge? How do we approach what we learn of the world? y (…)” text: Nadja Quante

Opening: 21 November, 19:00-22:00 | Exhibition: 22 November – 14 December | Artist talk & book release: 07 December 19:00 | Venue:, Flora Strasse 5, 131815 Berlin