backbonebooks bakes: Après-midi avec des livres et des biscuits

Bruno Silva and Romane Domas run Home alonE. Located next to the Saint Pierre market at Clermont-Ferrand, they decided to open their apartment, open the door and offer their space (a lounge and, who knows, the attic) as a place for exhibitions and dialogue. I (Claudia) met them in France as I was doing a residency in Clermont. They invited me to do something, so I thought about mixing two things I like the most: cooking and books. And so it will be, a Sunday full of home made cookies, and books.

Sunday 14th of April, 19:00. Home alonE, 6, place Saint-Pierre, Clermont-Ferrand. France.
People involved: Bruno Silva, Romane Domas, Claudia de la Torre.
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