ALL IN | Situation room 02 at The White

Situation room, is a series of exhibitions and events that will regularly focus on local and international book publishers. The space aims to restructure ideas in an experimental spirit, showing aspects of books that can’t be seen in the publication alone. Presenting the situation of activities including concepts, processes and publications in three dimensions is to consider the genre of future publishing itself. Situation 02 / All in presents an exhibition curated by Claudia de la Torre showing backbonebooks special editions as well as pieces created by artists who are part of backbonebooks. A talk on the 25th will be part of the program.

Opening: July 16,2019 / 7:00 PM | Talk session: July 25th, 2019. Alternative Space The White, Tokyo Japan), with works by Uta Pütz, Tim Bohlender, Jörg Sobott, Ines Lechleitner & Claudia de la Torre. With the support of Rondade, Ikahuisa Sawada, Masayuki Makino.